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11 Reasons to Sign Up - Right Now!

When you read this post, you’ve either already decided to take on the 20/30 miles or remain undecided. “Shall I really do it?”, “Isn’t it a bit too much?”, “Why (the hell) should I do it?”.

Trust us: It’s incredibly life-enhancing. Continue reading if you need a few more reasons to sign up – or to convince someone else to follow suit!

An experience to last forever

If you ever went skydiving, you’ll probably relate to this: You will always remember the moment while jumping off the plane for the first time as it’s a memory of a lifetime. The same applies to any challenge like ours: Your first marathon and your first MammothMarch: You will never forget the moment when crossing the finish line – exhausted but happy and proud! As studies have proven: Experiences keep you more satisfied in the long run – rather than the recent purchase of your brand-new smartphone or car…

Getting stronger – physically and mentally

While preparing for and taking part in MammothMarch, you learn a lot about your own limits. How far will you be able to go? Building mental and physical strength and stamina at the same time is a long-term investment in your health (again mentally and physically) and experiences like this will have a positive impact on other challenges you will face in the future. Your head might be stronger than your body and you will soon be able to tell that you can achieve everything – only if you really want it.


Who’s idea was it to take part? Yours or that of your friend? Who talked you into this or was it the other way around? Anyway, you know where we’re going: An experience like MammothMarch is even more lasting when doing it with a friend/family member. Or you specifically signed up to do it on your own but will be open to meet likeminded people at the event.

Building and strengthening relationships have become important again – especially after skype and zoom meetings have taken over and replaced many in-person gatherings. We can’t wait to hear your stories after your first MammothMarch!

Get to know… YOU!

How does it feel when you reach your physical limits? What gets you back on track when trying to overcome tired legs, aching feet or one of those “I really can’t to any further” moments? Is it encouraging words? Your personal playlist? Or simply a piece of your favorite sweets? Figuring out how to deal with a previously unknown challenge can be incredibly exciting.

Learning to grow

Growth and comfort never coexist. If you fail to complete your MammothMarch for the first time, see obstacles and challenges as personal growth. You will learn from not achieving your goals and do better next time, e.g. when signing up for next year’s event!

Little distraction goes a long way

You’ll be doing the same thing for a whole lot of time - walking. You’ll notice that especially in times like these, this can become quite overwhelming. Sure, you have your smartphone with you, but checking Instagram for the 30th time in 2 hours can indeed become boring, so thinking about a lot of stuff without really being distracted by work, social media, or other everyday tasks might be a new experience worthwhile. In addition, even the most talkative buddies can become silent at some point…

Cherishing your body

Somehow (almost) everyone has complaints about their body. A few pounds too much here, a few too many wrinkles there… Unfortunately, we often forget that our body accomplishes a lot. It’s our home, our shelter that we should cherish and care for. Our body makes the impossible possible. Covering 20 or even 30 miles is in large parts a mind game. However, such an achievement would simply not be possible without our body. You’ll see that showing some gratitude is the least you can do after finishing your MammothMarch.

Doing something you’ve never done before

When was the last time you did something for the first time? MammothMarch is calling…

Chasing a new goal

“If you don’t go forwards you go backwards.” “A rolling stone gathers no moss”. There’s a lot of sayings that emphasize what MammothMarch is all about: Setting new goals will help you to get out of bed with a lot more vigor and having your eyes set on new goals along serve as an energy booster. You’ll feel that even after completing your registration!

Time to shine

We’re sure there’s someone being a role model for you. Wouldn’t it be great to inspire others by what you’ve done and become an example yourself?

Being happy

Crossing the finish line and waking up the morning after knowing that you did it is an incredible feeling that will make you happy for several days, if not weeks. And a little happiness never hurt somebody, right?

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Tomas Virgin

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