MammothMarch20 – spend a beautiful day hiking and finish 20 miles in 8 hours. Sounds like a piece of cake compared to our other events? You decide!

MammothMarch30 – hike 30 miles in 12 hours, from dawn until dusk, from your first step through to grabbing your well-deserved finisher medal.  


The ultimate reward awaits at the finish line where you will receive your finisher medal, as well as your entry into our Heroes’ Club.

If you become addicted to MammothMarch (which we’re pretty sure you will), get your MammothMarch Pass. This will allow you to collect stamps for every march you finish.

Track your mileage to move up in the ranks in our Heroes’ Club. For more information visit our Heroes’ Club page

Our events will push you to your limits both mentally and physically. There is no timekeeping, there are no failures, we only recognize the incredible courage it takes to rise to this challenge. You will be awarded with a personalized certificate marking the mileage you’ve covered from the midway point and onwards.

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