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MammothMarch Heroes Club

Many of our participants have made MammothMarch an annual tradition or have started discovering new states, new trails, and new MammothMarch adventures throughout the US.

To show our appreciation, rewarding you for exploring the great outdoors with us and to reach and push your mental and physical limits, we have finally brought our Heroes Club to life, our very own loyalty and rewards program.

You automatically become part of it by signing up for one of our hiking challenges. When checking in at your first MammothMarch, you receive a Hiking Pass to collect stamps for every hike started and finished. Each new Hiking Pass has one stamp included (the one for starting your first hike). After you’ve crossed the finish line, you will receive a second stamp for having finished. Bring your Hiking Pass to each future MammothMarch to collect more stamps – equivalent to getting unique rewards and free entries!

We don’t only want to reward our finishers but everyone who takes on MammothMarch as a personal challenge to reach new heights, push their limits, and get a better version of themselves. This is why our Heroes Club features two unique ways to get exclusive perks:

We reward facing the challenge

Every 10th MammothMarch is on us! No matter if or how many events you finish, the 10th event you sign up for is free, and so will be the 20th, 30th, etc. Reach out to us before you sign up for no. 10, 20, 30, etc. and we’ll send you a unique code to redeem a free entry for a MammothMarch of your choice.

We reward completing the challenge

Every time you go out there and beat the 20 or even 30 miles, you rack up some serious mileage. Besides your medal, certificate, your name on our wall of fame and another stamp in your Hiking Pass, we have added another perk for you to brag 😉 Every time you have hiked 100 miles in total, you will receive a unique patch after completion, e.g. to sew on your backpack, jacket, or simply to collect. Example: You finished your fifth 20-miler, you will get your 100-mile badge; you finished another two 30-milers as well as two 20-milers, you will get your 200-mile badge, etc. No matter how, every 100 miles will unlock a new badge.

Are you ready to climb the ladder and become the ultimate Hiking Hero?


Will past MammothMarch events count towards my free entries and badges?


Yes. All participants who have fulfilled the requirements for a badge or a free entry before we rolled out our loyalty program (Dec 2023) are contacted directly. If you have signed up for your 10th MammothMarch already, you will receive a credit for the next event you sign up for. If you have secured one or more badges already, they will be ready for pick up at your next MammothMarch event.

How can I claim my free entry?


Please reach out to before signing up for your next MammothMarch so we can issue a unique voucher code. Please state your full name and the event you’d like to sign up for.

How will I get my badge?


Please reach out to before you attend a MammothMarch that might secure your 100th, 200th, etc. mile. The badge will be ready for you to pick up at our merchandise tent after you have finished.

Can I transfer my entries/miles?

No. While you can transfer your unlocked free ticket to another person free of charge, you cannot transfer your previously collected stamps/sign ups or miles to another person as these are individual accomplishments.

What if I have misplaced my Hiking Pass?

We have your registrations and finished MammothMarches on file in case you have misplaced or lost your own Hiking Pass. Make sure to grab another one when checking in at your next event.

Who can I contact with more questions?


Please address all questions regarding our Heroes club to

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