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How do I register?
Please click here in order to purchase a ticket for the MammothMarch – Hike Your Hood challenge.

What’s the price for a ticket?

Early bird tickets start as low as $39. The regular price is $49 and will kick in as soon as the early bird tickets are sold out.

What’s included in my ticket?
You’ll receive an exclusive MammothMarch hoodie, a multi-functional bandana, as well as a reusable, collapsible water bottle. If you finish 20+ miles during the challenge, you will get a personalized, printable certificate incl. your mileage, as well as an entry in to our virtual wall of fame.

Where do I find the official Facebook event group?
Join our event group using this link. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to receive regular updates, hiking tips and get in touch with other participants.

How can I collect miles and reach my goal?
Between November 2 – 15 you can gather miles in almost any way. Every walk, hike, march counts – as long as it’s for the sole purpose of walking, hiking, marching. Example: It doesn’t matter if you plan a lengthy hiking trip to a National Park, the nearby forest, along a scenic trail or simply get out of the house and take a walk around your neighborhood.
What you can’t do is convert your daily steps (around the house, shopping mall etc.) into miles for the challenge. But that’s the only exception.
Most importantly, remember to track your miles!

When do I get my participant kit?
All participants submitting their order by October 11 will receive their kit in the week prior to the challenge (until the end of October). All orders submitted later than October 11 will get their participant kit during or the week after the challenge (at the latest).

What if I’m unable to take part in the challenge (e.g. due to an injury) after I purchased a ticket?
Tickets can’t be refunded, but you will still receive your exclusive hiker’s participant kit. However, you can simply transfer your ticket to someone else by changing your name (as well as shipping address, hoodie size etc.) until the registration deadline. Sign in to your RaceRoster account and just make the changes needed.

How can I win the $150 REI gift card?
You must be a registered participant to MammothMarch – Hike Your Hood, complete at least 20+ miles during the challenge and either send your best hiking/walking/marching picture to our team (, upload it to your RaceRoster account or post it in our Facebook event group. Our community will then decide who will be awarded the REI gift card to shop top-quality outdoor gear online or at a REI co-op store nearby.

Can I run instead of walk/hike/march?
MammothMarch is a hiking/walking event. However, for our virtual event, we won’t exclude any participants racking up their mileage while running.

How can I plan and track my hikes/walks?
There are plenty of opportunities to track your achievements. Here’s a list of a few common GPS apps that help you track your distance covered: Strava, Runkeeper, Runtastic or Endomondo. In addition, there are also a lot of hardware fitness trackers/smartwatches that come with their own app, e.g. Fitbit, Garmin, Xiaomi. The best way to plan your hike/walk and track it is, as well as

Do I have to walk the whole distance at a stretch?
No. During our Hike Your Hood edition you just need to rack up at least 20 miles between November 2 – 15. You can get a feeling for our live events by hiking/walking either 20 miles in 8 hours, 30 miles in 12 hours, or 60 miles in 24 hours. However this is not mandatory for our virtual Hike Your Hood challenge.

What’s the difference if I hike/walk more than 20, 30 or 60 miles?
We want you to get familiar with our live event format, where participants have to finish either 20 miles in 8 hours, 30 miles in 12 hours, or 60 miles in 24 hours.
Although you don’t need to hike your set goal at a stretch during our virtual challenge, we want to hand out different awards aligned to our live events. You will receive an individual certificate including your personal mileage reached (bronze for hiking 20+ miles, silver for hiking 30+ miles, and gold for hiking 60+ miles). We will also “engrave” your name on one of our three different virtual walls of fame, one for each group finishing 20+, 30+, or 60+ miles. The wall of fame will be shown on Facebook as well as on our website.


What do I need to do in order to receive my personalized certificate?
You need to submit a screenshot of your mileage reached during the two event weeks (November 2 – 15). You can also include more than one screenshot, e.g. if you did multiple walks/hikes to reach your mileage. Please make sure that we can identify the dates & mileage reached. Send an e-mail including your confirmation number, name and proof of mileage reached to

I did not receive my confirmation e-mail
Please log in to your profile page and you should be able to find your purchase and virtual ticket. Alternatively, you can send us your e-mail address and we will try to assist you with sorting out the problem.

More Questions?

Send us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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