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Do's and Don'ts for Hikers

For many, hiking is a simple sport that does not seem to cause any difficulties. Even if everyone has the opportunity to go on long hikes, some underestimate the services that have to be provided for a successful hiking tour. In this blog post you can find out what you should best pay attention to on your training routes in order to facilitate your excursion into the countryside. Whether you’re a beginner who has grabbed the wanderlust and wants to start for the first time, or an advanced hiker who has been exposed to one or two worries on your route, this post will help you to understand the biggest do’s and don'ts.

True to the motto “less is more” – a conceivable but very often made mistake concerns taking too much equipment or luggage with you. For each route, think about which essentials you could use and what items are not a necessity. Even if the equipment can vary depending on the duration and length of the selected route, it should be tailored to your planned activities. Rain, cold and sun protection belong in your backpack as well as change of clothes and hiking socks. You should also bring your first aid kit, a cell phone and sufficient food with you on your tour. Please note that we dedicated a whole blog post about what to pack, which can be retrieved right here.

What would a hike be without a good pair of shoes? Another serious misconduct is the choice of unsuitable footwear. The right hiking shoes not only protect and relieve the foot, but also improve your surefootedness. A hiking boot with a good profile, for example, is perfect for slippery and mountainous paths, whereas a light running shoe is particularly suitable for long asphalt paths. So, choose what kind of shoes you need depending on the surface. This also includes the right clothing in which you can be active in sports for several hours, under a wide variety of conditions. Breathable, moisture-regulating and water- and wind-repellent garments are advantageous. A detailed overview of what to wear can be found here.

Overconfidence, however, is one of the most common problems that beginners encounter when hiking. If you are inexperienced and have a bad health, you should know your limits of resilience and avoid long tours in the mountains. In this way you will get to know weaknesses and strengths that you can include when planning further trips.

Take breaks too! An often forgotten but essential must on long journeys are regular breaks in which you and your body can relax and recharge your batteries for the remaining miles. Isotonic drinks and fruit juice spritzers as the ideal thirst quenchers, cereal bars, (dry) fruit or biscuits as quick energy suppliers.

For your ideal hike, the group and teamwork also play an important role. There are some rules here that guarantee a harmonious and safe route. First of all, it is always better to not be on your own, because your hiking partner can help you out with drinks or food and get help in an emergency. If you still go alone, take your cell phone so that you can be reached at any time. It is not uncommon for you to meet other hikers on the way: if you are out in the mountains, give the ascending priority the privilege. As a rule, it is not a problem for the relegated person to stop briefly to let the newcomer go first.

Ultimately, however, it is important to ensure that only the marked paths are followed, if possible, in order to avoid disorientation and sudden dangers on the route. If you've lost your way, you'd better turn back. A tip here are apps such as AllTrails, in which paths are suggested to you or you can download maps that always show you the right way.

Now you have a little more knowledge about the most important hiking rules and now know what to look out for.

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