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Northeast Florida​

MammothMarch Northeast Florida​

MammothMarch is finally coming to Northeast Florida! After three years in Christmas/Orlando, Dunns Creek State Park will be home to our iconic 20-mile hiking adventure and 2025 season kick-off on February 1.

Located south of a sharp bend in the St. Johns River, more than 6,200 acres of natural communities are represented in Dunns Creek State Park.

Tucked in between Jacksonville, Orlando and Gainesville, and just around 90 minutes away from either city, Dunns Creek makes for the picture-perfect Florida hiking getaway.

Master the challenge and spend a beautiful and challenging day hiking 20 miles at a stretch. Getting your finisher medal, you will be exhausted, but proud and happy... as well as part of our amazing community of nature-lovers, hikers and MammothMarch addicts!

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At a glance


Date: Saturday, February 1, 2025

Location & venue (start/finish): Dunns Creek State Park (Main Entrance), 320 Sisco Road, Pomona Park, FL 3218.


Distance: 20 miles in 8 hours There is no timekeeping, there are no failures, we only recognize the incredible courage it takes to rise to our challenge. Every participant completing the distance will be awarded their finisher medal and considered a winner! 


Starting time: You can choose from several time slots as early as 7:15 am with limited capacity when signing up. This ensures the most remote hiking experience as a maximum of 5 hikers will cross the starting line at the same time. The first ones will head out between 7:15 – 7:30 a.m. with the majority coming back in just about 8 hours. However, we will have our finish line open a little bit longer for the ones that need a bit more time – cut off time at either aid station will be sunset (meaning if you’re hiking at a pace that won’t let you finish before sunset, we will provide a shuttle service back to the venue).

Parking: Complimentary parking will be available at the event field on site, a scenic 2-mile drive after entering through the Park’s main entrance.

Aid/refreshment stations: There are water stops and aid stations along the route (approximately positioned every 5-7 miles apart) providing toilets, food, and drinks for all participants. These refreshments are included in the cost of your ticket and vary between each station, offering water, energy drinks, electrolytes, fruits, cereal/protein bars, sandwiches and more.

Certificates: All finishers will receive their personalized certificate after crossing the finish line. For the ones who drop out, we will issue certificates stating the mileage covered.

Finisher medal/wall of fame: For all participants finishing MammothMarch.

Hiking Pass: MammothMarch Hiking Passes will be made available for all new participants. All participants from previous editions or different MammothMarch events should bring their Hiking Pass to collect their 2025 stamps on site.

Merchandise: Our full 2025 merchandise collection will be available later in 2024.


Route: The hiking route covers 20 miles along various Dunns Creek trails and will feature the Piney Bluff trail system as well as other multiuse trails. The final route will be made available around 2 weeks prior to the event.

Total elevation gain: Around 200 ft.

Terrain: MMainly unpaved hiking trails, sandy trails, gravel roads and forest floor.

What are you waiting for? Sign up here to enter the adventure of a lifetime.

Please check out more details in our FAQ section or contact us at

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